The alleged Scream reboot has caused chaos in the fandom

We’ve already discussed @scream_goredom’s protests directed at MTV, but lately the entire fandom has been goin fuckin nuts. People are creating hashtags, threatening MTV workers, and arguing nonstop all over Twitter. Just look at this heated argument between @UNKNOWN_4000 and @Scream_Spoilers: 

As you can see, MTV has made everyone lose their damn mind. They better fix this shit fast! 


Twitter’s biggest attention whore, @UNKNOWN_4000

So, we just published an expose on who we believe is Instagram’s biggest attention whore @scream._.pranks. (Who recently blocked us, oddly enough…) We decided a good shriekquel to that would be an exposé of Twitter’s biggest attention whore, namely @UNKNOWN_4000.

Now, if you haven’t ever heard of or seen this person, they are possibly the most controversial person in the Scream fandom. They have threatened to rape girls, they have threatened to kill people (including us here at Scream Drama), they have claimed they were wearing a Brandon James mask and hiding in @scream_spoiler’s closet, and, most notoriously, they have stolen various tweets of @escreamhq and @scream_spoilers. Here’s some proof:

@escreamhq made light of the situation though with this funny tweet: 

Anyways, they’re clearly just looking for attention. Steer clear of them, they’ll likely try to ruin you.

@Scream_Spoilers is a victim of cyberbullying on Twitter

We just opened up our new Twitter account, and we were immediately bombarded with drama created by @Scream_spoilers and an  account called @UNKNOWN_4000. We suspect this person may be @spillingscreamtea off of Instagram but we can’t be sure. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-55.png

Anyway, as you can see this person is kind of a psychotic bitch. Literally, they cyberbullied @Scream_Spoilers, then claimed they were gonna kill themselves and blame it on Scream Spoilers. What a fuckin psycho.

Anyway, we tweeted them and asked for an interview and immediately this person named ”@Slasher4hire” came at us and called us a ”Keemstar wannabe,” in reference to the YouTube Account ”Drama Alert.” We argued it out for a bit until this bitch straight up threatened to murder us. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-09.png

And we thought Instagram was bad! Anyway, this is some juicy shit. I’m sooo glad we made this Twitter, i can’t wait to report on every mental breakdown these bitches have.