@screamgoredom says he “hates us” on twitter

@scream_goredom has been in our headlines A LOT recently. Him and I have had beef ever since the first Scream Drama Instagram account back in mid 2016. Today he sent out this tweet with a screenshot from our previous article: 

He’s said it before, he’s saying it again. We’re jealous and he hates us. LOL, next! 

The alleged Scream reboot has caused chaos in the fandom

We’ve already discussed @scream_goredom’s protests directed at MTV, but lately the entire fandom has been goin fuckin nuts. People are creating hashtags, threatening MTV workers, and arguing nonstop all over Twitter. Just look at this heated argument between @UNKNOWN_4000 and @Scream_Spoilers: 

As you can see, MTV has made everyone lose their damn mind. They better fix this shit fast! 


@ScreamGoredom shuts down account until season 3 premieres

Twitter user @ScreamGoredom (better known here on Scream Drama for his instagram, @Scream_Goredom) has decided to shut down his account until season 3 of Scream The TV Series premiere. Kind of an odd choice, but whatever. Screenshot from 2017-03-12 12-26-02.png

He seemed pretty fired up at MTV for whatever reason. Whatever girl, take a break if you have to LOL.

@screamgoredom calls International Women’s Day a “stupid campaign”

(NOTE: This story was written a few days ago but didnt publish for some reason.) 




MTV changed their logo on their Twitter accounts today for Internarional Women’s Day. @Scream_Spoilers suspected this may have been a clue and tweeted about it, which somehow prompted the infamous @Scream_Goredom to reply calling it a “stupid campaign.” Smh.