@Scream_Spoilers is a victim of cyberbullying on Twitter

We just opened up our new Twitter account, and we were immediately bombarded with drama created by @Scream_spoilers and an  account called @UNKNOWN_4000. We suspect this person may be @spillingscreamtea off of Instagram but we can’t be sure. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-55.png

Anyway, as you can see this person is kind of a psychotic bitch. Literally, they cyberbullied @Scream_Spoilers, then claimed they were gonna kill themselves and blame it on Scream Spoilers. What a fuckin psycho.

Anyway, we tweeted them and asked for an interview and immediately this person named ”@Slasher4hire” came at us and called us a ”Keemstar wannabe,” in reference to the YouTube Account ”Drama Alert.” We argued it out for a bit until this bitch straight up threatened to murder us. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-09.png

And we thought Instagram was bad! Anyway, this is some juicy shit. I’m sooo glad we made this Twitter, i can’t wait to report on every mental breakdown these bitches have.