New info on Scream season 3!


image source: gamenguide

Since there was an inherit lack of drama in the Scream fandom this week, and we are trying to post at least 3 stories a day,  we figured we should take some time to acknowledge the fairly successful Scream TV series that has accompanied the films for about two years. It’s currently entering it’s third and final season, and we’ve got some new info for you guys!

  • Several sources have told us the show will only have 3-6 episodes.
  • Brooke will stay in Lakewood, Noah will be working on his third graphic novel and Emma will be going to Lakewood university.
  • More phone calls will occur, and they will contain horror film trivia. (FINALLY!)
  • Audrey may be murdered, as well as Gustavo and Brooke.
  • Season 3 will be more focused on who killed Nina and Tyler from season one, as it was revealed neither Kieran nor Piper were responsible.
  • The body count will be bigger this season.

Yes, dear readers, get excited because some of the fandom’s favorite characters are gonna be killed, and I’m sure people like @Scream_Goredom and @Brookiemaddcx are gonna have a shit fit!