The one thing that is consistent in all of the Scream films and television adaptions: There’s always cute boys, and there’s always bitches getting slashed. We’ve compiled a list of who we think to be the hottest guys in the Scream franchise. 

10. DEPUTY DEWEY RILEY (Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4) 

Played by David Arquette, Dewey’s boyish good looks (as Gale Weathers would say) and charming personality make him extremely adorbz. 

9. RANDY (Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3) 

This movie trivia nerd unfortunately only survived through the first two movies, and was brought back to life through a video tape in the third film. He was quite frankly just as adorbz as Dewey, and unfortunately couldn’t outsmart old Ghostface.

8. JAKE FITZGERALD (Scream TV Series)

He’s just simply hot as fuck. His personality was definitely very douchey, and he unfortunately met his demise in season 2, but I’m sure many of us wanted to poke him with something other than that knife.

7. MICKEY (Scream 2) 

This psycho’s plan was to blame the movies. Although it was slightly obvious he was the killer, (Mrs.Loomis wasn’t quite as obvious) he was still attractive af henny.

6. BILLY LOOMIS (Scream) 

The classic, original killer who started it all. We don’t blame Sidney for banging him, despite how he planned to murder her and blame it on her Dad. LMAO! 

5. NOAH (Scream TV Series)

A cute virgin nerd out of Lakewood CA. He’s portrayed by John Karna, and Despite being buried alive and two of his girlfriends being killed, he still manages to look good. (Sorry for the shitty image quality btw)

4. DEREK (Scream 2)

Sidney’s college boyfriend who thankfully didn’t turn out to be psycho like some of her past relationships. LOL! He got mauled by Mickey at the end unfortunately, but he sure was handsome. 

3. ROBBIE MERCER (Scream 4)

A STAB-film fanatic who was murdered by his best friend and pretended to be gay in order to save his life. It didn’t work out, but I’m sure a lot of us were hoping he actually was gay. LOL! 

2. KIERAN (Scream TV Series) 

A Mysterious, spooky dude from film class who turned out to be 2016’s reincarnation of Billy Loomis. Didn’t change how he was a sexy ass mofo tho. 

1. STAVO (Scream TV Series)

He’s Brooke’s boyfriend and a potential season 3 killer. One of the best qualities of the Scream TV Show is that the guys always seem to be hot, and Stavo is no exception. Especially when he went shirtless in that one episode, ooh boi. 

Who do you think should’ve made the list? 

SCREAM season 4 or SCREAM 5? 

We did a poll on Twitter recently to see if Scream fans wanted another season of SCREAM THE TV SERIES (since many sources say the 3rd may be the last season,) or SCREAM 5. The results were close, 47% wanted season 4 of Scream, but Scream 5 won at 53%. 

The Weinstein brothers have discussed Scream 5 in recent years, saying that if they do a Scream 5 that will be the final film. It’s currently unknown if season 3 will be the last of the television series, but we suppose all will be revealed in due time. 

What do you want more? SCREAM 5 or SEASON 4?