@screamgoredom protests the SCREAM reboot

@scream_goredom has been very vocal about his dislike to the idea of a reboot of Scream the TV Series. He’s started hashtags and pretty much protested MTV, as many other fans are doing. Many fans have disliked MTV from the jump, saying they focus too much on “Teen Mom” and other crappy shows. We can’t help but agree as most good MTV shows (Eye Candy, Deadtime Stories) have been cancelled, the only half decent surviving show (minus Scream) is Catfish: The TV Show. MTV clearly needs to get their shit together, Scream is starting to remind many people of the Friday The 13th TV Series as well as the failed Carrie TV Series. 

MTV apparently rebooting Scream TV Series

It’s unknown if MTV is truly rebooting SCREAM THE TV SERIES, but rumors are flying that the network said they would get rid of the current cast and completely reboot the series. This doesn’t make any sense, considering how the story from the first two seasons isn’t finished yet! The only possible upside to this would be the small chance they could connect it to the movies. If it actually ends up being connected to the films, that could possibly be an upside as it may draw in more viewers, especially since many horror fans dumped the series in 2015 when they found out it wasn’t connected to the films. However, finishing the story from the first two seasons should happen before any reboot. 

What are your thoughts on this issue? 


First, there was The Conjuring. Then, Annabelle. Then, The Conjuring 2, and now supposedly we’re getting “Annabelle 2” and “The Nun.” Now, The Conjuring is a great film series. Truly great. It’s the best paranormal film series out there at the moment. (Besides maybe The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, and The Blair Witch trilogy.) However, is Annabelle 2 seriously necessary? I recently rewatched The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, (though I haven’t seen Annabelle since it first came out,) and from what I remember the first chapter of The Conjuring was about the Annabelle doll and the second was about a new haunting. What could “Annabelle 2” be about? I thought The Conjuring 2 kind of closed the Annabelle story. Whatever, hopefully it will be a good movie and not a waste of money.

Are you guys ready for Wrong Turn 7: The Clowns? 

Are you guys ready for Wrong Turn 7?! We aren’t. There’s a trailer on YouTube and Scream Drama calls that this movie is not gonna be very good. Judging by the last 4 films, (especially Wrong Turn 3 and 4.. ugh.) We predict this movie will be decent at best. What do you guys think?!