@ScreamGoredom shuts down account until season 3 premieres

Twitter user @ScreamGoredom (better known here on Scream Drama for his instagram, @Scream_Goredom) has decided to shut down his account until season 3 of Scream The TV Series premiere. Kind of an odd choice, but whatever. Screenshot from 2017-03-12 12-26-02.png

He seemed pretty fired up at MTV for whatever reason. Whatever girl, take a break if you have to LOL.

@screamgoredom calls International Women’s Day a “stupid campaign”

(NOTE: This story was written a few days ago but didnt publish for some reason.) 




MTV changed their logo on their Twitter accounts today for Internarional Women’s Day. @Scream_Spoilers suspected this may have been a clue and tweeted about it, which somehow prompted the infamous @Scream_Goredom to reply calling it a “stupid campaign.” Smh.