@screamgoredom calls International Women’s Day a “stupid campaign”

(NOTE: This story was written a few days ago but didnt publish for some reason.) 




MTV changed their logo on their Twitter accounts today for Internarional Women’s Day. @Scream_Spoilers suspected this may have been a clue and tweeted about it, which somehow prompted the infamous @Scream_Goredom to reply calling it a “stupid campaign.” Smh.

@Scream_Spoilers is a victim of cyberbullying on Twitter

We just opened up our new Twitter account, and we were immediately bombarded with drama created by @Scream_spoilers and an  account called @UNKNOWN_4000. We suspect this person may be @spillingscreamtea off of Instagram but we can’t be sure. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-55.png

Anyway, as you can see this person is kind of a psychotic bitch. Literally, they cyberbullied @Scream_Spoilers, then claimed they were gonna kill themselves and blame it on Scream Spoilers. What a fuckin psycho.

Anyway, we tweeted them and asked for an interview and immediately this person named ”@Slasher4hire” came at us and called us a ”Keemstar wannabe,” in reference to the YouTube Account ”Drama Alert.” We argued it out for a bit until this bitch straight up threatened to murder us. Screenshot from 2017-02-11 20-11-09.png

And we thought Instagram was bad! Anyway, this is some juicy shit. I’m sooo glad we made this Twitter, i can’t wait to report on every mental breakdown these bitches have.


@scream_goredom posts shirtless picture and asks for thoughts


This happened a few days ago, but we just saw that @Scream_Goredom unblocked us today. We took a look through his posts and saw he posted this shirtless pic and asked his followers for thoughts. Wow, he seems to be grasping at straws for attention now. Although, he actually isn’t as ugly or fat as people thought. He’s actually fairly attractive. Good job, Scream_Goredom,  you’re on the cover of Scream Drama yet again.

(Note: He blocked us right after this post…go figure.)

@Scream_Goredom being dramatic again!

If you follow our Instagram page at all, you’ll know that Insta user @scream_goredom seems to have a problem with us. Well, today as we were trying to explain to him how were just tabloid journalists, he got angry and threatened to ”track us down” and ”expose us.”

Heres some pics:

screamgoredomscreamgoredom2Funny, right?

We wonder why Scream_goredom hasn’t blocked us yet! He seems to always have a problem no matter what we post.

An anonymous user told us:

”I have noticed that scream_goredom thinks he is like the best Scream account, even though he will post an opinion of his and then post something to contradict that opinion, just to start drama in the comments. It’s almost like he feeds off the drama and attention, and it’s honestly so annoying that he will purposely contradict himself or say/do something just to cause more drama.”

We feel we shouldn’t say much more as scream_goredom is probably on the phone with the cyber police right now. Btw, right after he threatened us, he blocked us. Great job, dude.