First post

Welcome to Scream-drama, your #1 source for drama and teen gossip in the Scream movie and TV show  fandom, as well as Horror news. You may know us from our infamous Instagram page @Scream._.drama. After being shut down 2 times, we decided we should expand onto a website just in case we get shut down again.

This is Gail Weathers signing off. We hope to have a  very successful experience on this new platform.

Submit drama to us by email.

Note: SCREAM DRAMA and all related social media platforms and accounts are not intended to bully, harass or belittle any individuals. It is only intended to report on the drama and current stories in the Scream fandom. All criticisms or rude remarks should not be taken seriously (unless stated) and are most likely used in a joking matter. Thank you!

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